Ten is better than One, One is better than None

I meditate whenever I come into the office, usually for 25-30 mins. 

But there wasn’t time today, due to a last min urgent meeting, which was happening 15 mins after I came in. 

Initially I thought of skipping my meditation. But then I reminded myself, even if it’s just one breath today, that’s also okay.

After all, ten is better than one, and one is better than none. This is the case for number of breaths or minutes.  

And so I sat, with my noise cancellation ear buds and eye shades, for a nice 10 mins. It wasn’t super deep, but nonetheless was pleasant enough to enjoy moments and breaths where the thoughts disappeared. 

Then the alarm rang. Back to work, but refreshed and mentally clearer than 10 mins before. 

[Thanks for reading and wishing you well. :)]

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